Why EQ is more important than IQ

By: Cheryl Yu, CPA, MICB, RCA, CAT

When you’re trying to climb up the ladder of success.

After years of living the corporate life, you decided to accept an invite from one of your great buds to a class reunion.

What am I doing here? I’ve never been to one of these gatherings since I stepped out from the four corners of my alma mater, minutes haven’t even passed yet you start to dread the idea of being there. You started to drift off until the genius of your class arrived — the one whom your professors claim as the ‘epitome of success’.

Well, being here isn’t so bad after all.

Then and there, you knew that the so-called top of your class is definitely struggling in his career, trying to make ends meet. Well, damn. That’s some major breakthrough.

Seems to you, IQ isn’t everything. Author and psychologist, Daniel Golemanbelieves so too. He suggested that EI (emotional intelligence) or its casual shorthand EQ (emotional quotient), might actually be more important than IQ.

Research has found that individuals with strong leadership potential also tend to be more emotionally intelligent, suggesting that a high EQ is an important quality for business leaders and managers to have.

As per above, managers and businessmen would more likely need to have high EQ in their workplace. Why? It’s their responsibility to cater and manage the needs of their team, and they are subject to more stress in the work environment. Dealing both the business and people at the same time.

Personally, I believe so too. I would often hear people say, â€œCum Laude ‘yan, tiyak magiging successful ‘yan”. Yet years passed and I can see a plain ol’ Jane is more influential and successful than the boy genius. Grit takes over intelligence.

So, the next time you tend to hear those fishy and judgy compliments, think again. Building and dealing with relationships and emotions is far more fetching and indispensable than just mere intelligence.

Well, if you got ’em both, then kudos folk, I see you bloom in your career. 😉

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